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Report From Japan - 26JL00

I spent a lot of time trying to compress audio so it would fit in an email attachment. So I'm not going to take any more to write the usual long winded blah, blah, blah - a - gram.

The 4th of July seems so long ago. I really went full speed ahead with my cheese steak making. I recorded the process on video for future sandwich chefs. I made an extra one for the woman who owns the little restaurant I usually eat at. I got Brazilian cheese, Peruvian peppers and Japanese mushrooms. Even Euan (the Scotsman) was up for wearing one of the American flag bandannas I got at the 100 Yen (Dollar) store for all my pals. Later we went to the beach and ignited about 45 bucks worth of fireworks. Of course it's fireworks season here now, so the big ones are launched from each of the nearby towns at their Summer Festivals. The big one in Hikone comes August 1st. Anyway, we all patted ourselves on the back for being skilled amateur pyrotechnicians.

I also took a trip to the Sea of Japan a couple weeks ago. There was a beautiful beach called Suishohama (pictured at right). I was surprised to find many tropical colorful fish and plants in the water. Sheri decided she's not afraid of the water after all, and we took turns holding our breath for 15 minute dives (exaggeration). Two Km away was a big nuke plant (also pictured) which may or may not be the cause of the extra head growing out of my back. Everyone had told me there were nearby campgrounds, but the only place to pitch a tent was behind the "no camping" sign shown in the 3rd picture. Anyway, it was fun and I plan to return. I have been told that there is a little creature called a sazae that some people dive for and sell. I think it's called a turbot in English. What's that?

I am also attaching an mp3 audio file or two.* If your computer supports sound, it should play automatically when you download it. You might have to double click on it's icon. I have been experimenting with my computer's sound stuff, and although the quality of the file you will hear is pretty bad, the original is pretty satisfying. I made SherisBeats.mp3 using a software drum machine, and Whacked.mp3 is an a cappella tune I made using multiple tracks and a microphone. The words are the names of students at my school (and a few words I borrowed from Bobby McFerrin). Obviously, I have no musical talent, but who needs it with this cool equipment.

Next mission: I plan to leave Japan on the 23rd of September. I'll be back in NJ for about a week before I head down to Antarctica again. My contract is for 4 or 5 months, but if they love me there, maybe I'll stay for the Winter.

*The original mp3 files I attached to this message can not be uploaded to the website, but email me if you want to hear them. I'll send a copy.


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