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Welcome to All Things GW

If you are looking for the cyber-space of GW (AKA: GWalter, Greg, Gregory, Coolboy, The Paperclip Guy, Kuwona) Krauss, you're in the right place. Years ago I established an important personal goal: to live on each of the seven continents. My intention with this web site is to share some of the experiences I've had along the way. I have a pretty big collection, letters, and Emails (photocopies, carbon copies, prints, and computer files) that I have written over the years, and I hope to get a lot of them posted here. But as a newcomer to the world of HTML, this site is pretty basic. I have big plans for music, pictures, message boards, maps, links, resources and all kinds of fancy stuff in the future. Maybe, I'll even post my resume or some of my university work. In the mean time, I invite you to check out some messages and letters I have sent my friends over the years. For starters, take a look at my reports from Japan. Soon I will post older ones from some other places I have lived in (including the Philadelphia Area, Antarctica, Alaska, Mozambique, Switzerland, and Australia) and from the 20 plus countries and 25 States I have been to while traveling. I'll keep the reports up to date, so you can expect a new one every month or so. And if everything goes as planned, I will still be maintaining the site when live on my final continent - South America.





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