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Local Music Is Better!!!

I have always been interested in local music. It's my humble opinion that the big record companies have a pretty sad effect on our exposure to art. From birth, we are spoon-fed by commercial radio - the corporate lackey of the music industry. Who makes it big is rarely decided by the quality, ability, or talent of artists. Instead, record labels, motivated by profit, use their powerful but often unseen influence to dictate what the audience wants. It's weird. I'm not saying it's wrong. I mean hurrah for capitalism and all that, but the point I'm trying to make is... local music is better. Without profit and pressure to get gigs and contracts etc., musicians can play what they want to. I have sought out strugglers, street performers, and pick-up bands in the far corners of the Earth and in doing so have pushed the commercial artists way off the bottom edge of my Favorite Musicians List. For those of us who believe we can hear and benefit from the honesty of local music, it's worth looking for.

Here's The Plan

Recording is my hobby. I'm not a musician, but I am a music fan. I was impressed with the music I heard on the Ice so much during my last season here that this time I brought my fancy digital multi-track recording equipment. If you are willing to donate a song or two for this project, please contact me , and we can set aside time to record. With the right number of artists we will have two tracks from each. The two tracks should be opposite in style, tempo, lyrical content or any other way in order to achieve a diversity of music on the overall project. Of course, tunes with an Antarctic theme will also be in demand. If you have a band and everyone can't be at the same place at the same time to record, no problem. We can lay down the tracks for different instruments, voices, etc. at different times and put them all together later. I have no idea if there will be much interest in the project, or even how many musicians will be on the Ice this year, but ideally recording would be finished by Christmas.

What You Get

Sorry folks - no bread. This is not a commercial project, and you won't be paid for your participation. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are probably legal ones preventing business on the Ice (NSF facilities, Raytheon contracts, Antarctic Treaty, business licenses, etc.) The discs will be made available for a DONATION which will be used to support this project (and others if there is enough interest). Once recorded, you will have a copy of your tune(s) in a professional quality digital format. Please contact me if you have any questions. As this is the very beginning of the project, we have lots of room for planning as we go.

Wanted: CD Burner

If you have a CD burner or access to one on the Ice, please let me know. If we can transfer the recordings to CD while on the Ice, it will surely bring the completion date a lot closer. If not, I will have to do the final recording after re-deployment. Any other ideas?

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