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December 25th, 2000

Merry Christmas! Well I sure did a good job of neglecting this web site. I have been here in Antarctica recording live performances and scheduling studio time for the project since October. There is still lots of room for more musicians if you are interested. The plan at this point is to record right up to the end of the season, and then to cut and send the CDs out in April. Since I will be here on the Ice for the Austral Winter, I will need some high tech intercontinental cooperation. I will send the tunes via internet as wave (.wav) files to an America based counterpart. He will then produce and mail the CDs. Some of the tunes that MAY be on the disc are available to download as MP3s. If you are interested, go to Login as "kuwona". Password is "okokok". Click on the IceStock2001 folder, and then you can click on the little red arrows by the song titles to load them on down. So far, I have collected 210 bucks for the project, if you want a disc, or would like to contribute, write me.

September 5th, 2000

I posted this web site today. So far I am the only person who knows of this project. I am scheduled to be on the Ice starting 9 October 2000. As I get feedback from you, I will post information about our progress here, so PLEASE write me with your comments and questions. And please spread the word about this site and this project.